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Sally Beauty Supply stores have become a staple at shopping complexes. The chain seems to grow more and spread further every year.

They’re now an international sensation and have stores worldwide. Most of the stores are company-owned, but there are also franchised versions of the store.

They carry a vast array of professional products, and while professionals shop at Sally Beauty, they’re also open to the general public.


They have more than 5,000 products available via their physical locations and online stores.

They’ve since teamed up with Beauty Systems Group and between Sally Beauty and this second group, their product line expanded to almost 10,000 items!

That’s impressive. If you need something specific, you can be pretty sure Sally Beauty can help you out.

Sally Beauty’s Growth

Sally Beauty Supply first opened in New Orleans back in 1964, but today, they’re a household name dotting suburbia and cities worldwide with their stores.

The original store owner, Mr. Farber, named the store after his daughter. The company was sold in 1969, then expanded through the years.

Today, they are headquartered in Texas. In the 70’s, they continued to expand and had over 20 stores available with beauty supply staples.

Exploded in Popularity in the 80’s

The period of transition between chain and massive chain happened in the eighties. The beauty supply store went from having a humble 20 stores to having well over 100 stores.


 Their popularity caused them to expand quickly. Because of their phenomenal growth, in the mid-eighties, they decided to absorb multiple other beauty supply stores, which created a force to be reckoned with!


This added to their holding company, and they were now known as Sally Beauty Holdings and Beauty Supply Group. 

Sally Beauty International Success

By the 90’s, they’d made the expansion into international space, tackling the UK first.

By this point, not only had they taken on international expansion, but they continued to grow at home. With over 1,000 stores across the United States, there was no stopping them.


Sally Beauty Supply is a household name that can be found in most neighborhoods. As their popularity continued to soar, they pushed to open in Puerto Rico and had their sights on expanding even further.


Germany and Canada were soon added to the mix. They started selling in Mexico come the early 2000’s. They’ve since expanded into Chile and Belgium. 


As of 2010, the new decade brought them to over 4,000 stores. They continued flourishing and made their way into the Netherlands and Peru.


Worldwide success is an understatement! It was in 2016 that they reached their 5,000th store opening. Sally Beauty knows a thing or two about beauty supply. 


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